Renegade Announces Atheneum: Mystic Library and Kids on Broom

Renegade Game Studios has announced two new magical games to be released this summer.

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The first, Atheneum: Mystic Library, arrives in September 2020 and has players in the shoes of student wizards studying late into the night in the library. They’re not necessarily allowed to be there after hours, so the guard is making them help clean up the place since they’ve been caught.

  • Study for your exam with magical books from the library!
  • Organize the shelves while keeping an eye on your fellow students!
  • Every action you take will give actions to the students near you!
  • Create the most beautiful and organized shelf with books and candles to win the game!
  • Designed for 2-5 book enthusiasts ages 10+ to optimize in 30-45 min.
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Kids on Brooms, an exciting role-playing game using the Kids on Bikes engine, arrives in August 2020. For those unfamiliar, the “Kids on” engine is a rules-light, narrative-based system that works well with RPG players of any experience. As student wizards and witches players will ride brooms, brew potions, skirt professors, and uncover secrets.

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