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So let’s get something straight before we begin. Punching Babies isn’t about going around and slugging babies in the face. It’s a game about boxing babies slugging each other in the face. It’s a fine line…right?


Punching Babies is a 2-player card game and a fairly light one at that. Each player plays a heavyweight boxing baby trading blows and trying to do more damage to the other with a hand of 10 cards. Cards come in 3 varieties: Attack, Defend, and Special. A player’s turn ends once they make an attack, giving the other player a chance to defend and then make their own attack. When neither player can make an attack the round ends and the player with the least amount of damage is the victor. Punching Babies can be played best 2 of 3, TKO-ten round matches, or the first person to 100 damage loses.

Punch Babies Preview - Cards
So many different ways for babies to punch each other

There are a few twists here and there to keep the game interesting. Some cards have the players enter a Hug where certain types of blocks and avoidance cards can’t be used. Attacks with odd-numbered damage also can’t be used in a Hug. There are also cards that allow you to draw more cards from the deck, effectively lengthening a round. Other cards can be chained off previously played cards to create combos or deal extra damage.

Special cards also add a bit more flare to play. Cards like “Cry Baby” or “Temper Tantrum” let you bend the rules in small ways, dealing extra damage, drawing extra cards, or even allowing you to play additional cards after an attack. Figuring out the best use of all your Attack, Defend, and Special cards will lead to victory. Punching Babies is all about hand management and clever combinations.

Punching Babies will be hitting Kickstarter on June 3rd and will cost $15 to get a physical copy of the game. Designer Dan Sterling has a form up on his page to be notified when the campaign goes live.

A prototype of Punching Babies was provided for preview by Dan Sterling Games in accordance with A Pawn’s Perspective’s 2019 Preview Policy.

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