Privateer Press’ May Releases

Privateer Press’ May releases are rolling in and they sent a few over for us to check out. Privateer Press rarely disappoints, and May is no exception. The quality of these minis is outstanding. As usual, looks like Privateer Press will be releasing some unique additions.

May Releases

Faith alone is insufficient to protect the faithful. Thus, the Devout was built to guard the Protectorate’s leaders from heretics and engraved with holy inscriptions to protect its controller from accursed magic. The Dervish, on the other hand, is a divinely inspired weapon that uses its chassis’ unparalleled reflexes wholly for offense. The Purifier, crafted as a literal interpretation of wrathful scripture, has a singular drive to eradicate unbelief through the cleansing fires of the Creator.

The Dervish brings exceptional mobility thanks to its two initial melee attacks and Side Step. The Devout provides excellent defensive tech with its Defensive Strike, Spell Barrier and Shield Guard abilities. The all-new Purifier delivers the fires of Menoth straight to its foes thanks to Flame Trail and its twin flaming Immolator flails.

PIP 32110 Devout/Dervish/Purifier – Protectorate of Menoth Light Warjack Kit (plastic)

Base Size: 40mm\
PIP Code: 32110
Price: $24.99
Model Materials: Plastic\
Model Count: 1\
Packaging: Box\
Release Date: May 24, 2017\
Release Date Status: Actual

May Releases

Chiron is one of the greatest basilisks ever broken to the skorne lash, and his subjugation attests to Beast Master Xekaar’s perfection of the art of physical conditioning through pain. The beast’s physical might is matched only by the power of his destructive gaze. Entire ranks of foes wither to dust as Chiron sweeps his cold eyes across them, and enemy warbeasts tear apart their own flesh in agony at his barest glance.

As Beast Master Xekaar’s personal warbeast, Chiron makes a perfect purchase for players who have also picked up the Skorne Battlegroup Box (PIP 74095) as he gains boosted attack rolls on his SP 10, POW 15 Annihilating Gaze ranged attack. In addition his Leadership [Basilisks] ability means that this hulking basilisk works great in tandem with other Basilisk Drakes (PIP 74005).

PIP 74103 Chiron – Skorne Heavy Warbeast (resin)

Base Size: 50mm\
PIP Code: 74103\
Price: $39.99\
Model Materials: Resin\
Model Count: 1\
Packaging: Box\
Release Date: May 10, 2017\
Release Date Status: Actual

Miniatures provided free for preview by Privateer Press.

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