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From the darkness of their nightmarish isles, the undead legions of Cryx strike at the Iron Kingdoms. Privateer Press’ April Warmachine releases are here and they sent over a few items for us to check out. These items are scheduled for release on April 26, 2017.

For decades Kharybdis was lost, believed to have been destroyed when the Cygnaran Navy sank the blackship carrying it. With nothing but a crude map, Captain Aiakos set out to recover this powerful helljack that slumbered in the deep. Kharybdis now terrorizes victims of the warcaster’s bloody raids, tearing anything within reach to pieces. Kharybdis Heavy Warjack ($59.99) is a highly detailed larger metal and resin model featuring many intertwined tendrils. This heavy-hitter boasts a number of abilities on the battlefield and shares the same general warjack rules as other warjacks. As the personal warjack of Captain Aiakos (PIP 341129), Kharybdis pairs very well with him and gains the Prowl ability.

Privateer April Releases 1

Mortenebra is the dark mistress of the Cryxian war industry. With her cold and penetrating mind, she has worked behind the scenes to further the development of the Nightmare Empire’s necromechanikal horrors. Driven to seek insights through the crucible of combat, she has continued to augment her own physical form through iterative reimaginings of her mechanikal frame. Now, with the chance to observe her creations in battle, Mortenebra’s dark mind has been stirred to new and greater heights. The warcaster, Mortenebra, Numen of Necrogenesis ($37.99) is a highly detailed 50mm base metal and resin model. She is a durable caster unit with a number of unique abilities.

As always, I am impressed by Privateer Press’ printed materials. The Cryx Command book ($34.99) is no exception. This visually stunning Cryx reference manual is chock full of everything you need to know, including: a complete set of rules and profiles for warcasters and warjacks, a selection of units and solos that can form the sinister core of your Cryx army, and a detailed background information on the Nightmare Empire. Additionally, this book includes a detailed painting guide.

Privateer April Releases 2

The vivid illustrations in this book are outstanding. Privateer Press never disappoints with their printed materials. I am certainly looking forward to seeing these items and the rest of the April collection on the shelf.

Privateer April Releases 3

Items provided free for review by Privateer Press.

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