Preview – Volumes of Blood: Body Count

Volumes of Blood: Body Count
Designers: Josh Lambert and Huskisson
Publisher: Mythmaker Games
Year: 2017
Players: 2-6
Play Time: 45-60 minutes
Ages: 13+
Rules Available Online: No

Mythmaker Games and Blood Moon Pictures’ Kickstarter for Volumes of Blood: Body Count launches August 11, 2017. This highly-stylized card game promises to put each player in the director’s chair as they draw location, weapon, killer, and victim cards to construct their own vignette scenes based on the Blood Moon Pictures’ Volumes of Blood cinematic universe. Mythmaker Games was generous enough to send us a preview copy… and it looks awesome!

Volumes of Blood

The box contains a large deck of cards and a short, to-the-point full-color rulebook. The basics of the game are simple. Whenever a director wraps a scene, they get bonus points for how scary the scene is based on the total Fear Value represented on the cards. Those bonus points allow the wrapping director to draw additional cards to set up the next scene. The first director to add three victims to their Body Count wins the game.

Volumes of Blood

The artwork on the cards is excellent. Easy-to-read print and large, color images. The game mechanics are fairly simple and the rulebook was limited, making this game quick to pick up and fun to play. It took us a game or two to really catch on (but, hey, what game doesn’t?). As a horror fan, I found this game to be very cool and as a gamer, I was impressed with its replayability. This is definitely a great game to bring around newbies or less hardcore gamers and it is a great social game or warm up game for a more complex tabletop crawler or euro map strategy. With a flood of card games on the market, there is little separating them. However, Volumes of Blood: Body Count is an exception. I truly hope this game gets funded and then some and will certainly be looking forward to it hitting shelves in the near future.

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