Preview – Nevera Wars

Designers: Daniel Bishop
Publisher: Tiger Crab Studios
Year: 2017
Players: 2-4
Play Time: 20-40 minutes
Ages: 13+
Rules Available Online: No


Tiger Crab Studios successfully funded a 20-page, black and white, horror comic book, titled Nevera Tales, back in June of 2016. Coming this summer they’ll be launching a new campaign for card games set in the same universe called Nevera Wars. The game has players taking control of necromancers and battling horrific creatures.


Nevera Wars is a deck constructing, card battling game for 2-4 players. Each player creates a deck of 36 Minion cards that can be summoned to the table, with the goal of defeating and taking a set number of other players’ creatures. This is done by placing Resources, summoning Minions, and using Minions’ attacks and abilities to slowly break down your opponents.

Summoning Minions and using their abilities costs Resources. Once per turn a player can play any card from their hand face-down on the table to use as a Resource. As Resources are used they’re turned sideways to show they’ve been spent, turning upright again at the start of that player’s next turn. If a player has enough Resources they may summon one Minion to the table, having up to a max of three on the table at one time. Every Minion can then use one of their abilities as long as enough Resources are left available to use.

Minions can also be upgraded during play by summoning more powerful Minions that build off their weaker, base Minions. Pretty much every Minion in the game has three forms, their base form plus two upgrades. The father along the upgrade path a Minion is, the more powerful its abilities and the more hit points it has.

Play continues until one player has defeated and taken whatever set number of Minions that is required is met.


The copy of Nevera Wars I received was a very early prototype that came in two plain white deck boxes. That being said, the cards were pretty high quality.

What I can comment on is the amazing artwork in the game. It’s dark, brooding, and hauntingly morbid without being gory of violent. The layout of the cards can use a bit of work. They’re very text heavy, but need to be so since every Minion carries a slew of abilities printed directly on their card. I couldn’t comment on a fix, but I can say it’s a bit overwhelming to look at a card, especially as a new player.

The health trackers for each Minion are two cards placed one over the other. The base card has numbers, while the top card has two holes on it to show the health number to both players, supposedly making each Minion’s health level to both players at a quick glance. They’re clunky, and while I get the idea behind them, they don’t work as well as expected.


Nevera Wars feels a bit like a cross between Magic: The Gathering and the Pokemon TCG while keeping the flow of tempo of the gaming moving along by streamlining the Resource building by allowing players to use any cards as a Resource. Each Minion having a large set of abilities also saves on having to use separate cards for spells, counters, etc…

While the time it takes to get Minions out on the table is decreased drastically by this, the game still feels a bit slow and doesn’t really pick up until some upgraded Minions start hitting the table. Also, while every Minion has a good amount of abilities on their card, only one or two really feel very effective, the rest being able to be ignored.

Nevera Wars is still being worked on, with a Kickstarter starting this Summer. There’s still plenty of time for the game to change. There’s a really great game in there. It just needs a bit more polish before really being something to get excited about.

I’d keep my eye on this one.

A prototype copy of Nevera Wars was provided free for preview by Tiger Crab Studios. It was returned to them after play.

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