Preview – Metalfest

Designers: Daniel Hendlowitch
Publisher: Danwich Games
Year: 2017
Players: 2-4
Play Time: 60 minutes
Ages: N/A
Rules Available Online: No
BGG: Metalfest


Your favorite aunt has just given you $200. What do you do? Start a metal band, of course! It’s 3 days until the big metalfest and you need to put together the best band, the biggest gimmicks, and have the best merch in time to rack in the big bucks.

Metalfest will be hitting Kickstarter soon and is currently up on Prefundia.


Metalfest Singer
At its heart, Metalfest is a card drafting game. Each round you’ll be drafting band members and gimmicks to try and put together a group that’ll attract the right crowds to buy your merch and build up your fanbase. There’s different crowds, each with their likes and quirks. Cater to the crowd well over 3 rounds and you’ll bring in the most cash and win the game

Most cards in Metalfest do double duty. Unused Band Members and Gimmicks are used for Merch value, while Fans both supply a fanbase and have a max capacity for buying your wares. This means there’s very little waste, allowing you to tailor your turns to best maximize your income and popularity.

A central Showmanship track allows each band to track their stats that their members provide. Vocals, solos, rhythm, imagery, and brutality make up the core of your metal band. Fans of different factions, Metalheads, Nerds, Hipsters, Goths, and Bros, all have their own tastes and will flock to bands that cater to them.

It’s a tough balance making sure you put together a solid band, attract the right crowds, and sell as much as you can. Certain fans are picky, and some will even scorn you if you’re the biggest and best. The Non-Conformists and Underdogs will intentionally head towards smaller bands, even if they don’t really fit in with their own likes.

At the end of the game you add up all the Merch you’ve sold, fans you’ve earned, and Band Members you’ve recruited to see who’s the overall victor.


Being a prototype, it’s hard to judge Metalfest on its components. So far the artwork is looking excellent, and certainly fits the theme of the game well. Iconography is clear and the overall layout of the cards makes it very easy to see what each does at a quick glance.

Only time will tell what the final product will end up looking like. There’s not much to go on so far, as the Kickstarter hasn’t even launched yet.


Metalfest delivered exactly what I was hoping for when I first heard about the game. Something that last year’s Lords of Rock fell a bit flat on. Between the card drafting, art, multiple choices and uses for cards, the game delivers a satisfying experience with plenty of different paths to victory.

Coming in at around 60 minutes, Metalfest isn’t just filler. While it’s easy to pick up the rules and play the game provides something a bit deeper than it may look like at first glance.

It’s a game that certainly warrants a close eye. You can sign up on the Prefundia page to be notified when the Kickstarter project launches. I’m very interested to see where the price point for the game falls, what stretch goals there’ll be, and how everything overall looks and feels.

A prototype copy of Metalfest was provided free for preview by Danwich Games.

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