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Four Elements is currently finishing up a successful Kickstarter run with only a few days left remaining in the campaign. The game, a family-friendly dexterity affair is available for a £12 pledge. Pretty inexpensive for what you’re getting.


Four Elements doesn’t come with a sheet of instructions, just a few pointers etched into its wooden box (Deluxe Version). The game’s goal is simple: knock the opponents’ Lord piece off the table or out of bounce. This is done by flicking your Elements.

Setting up the game is only limited by your imagination. You place your Lord, Elements, and Barriers on the table in any manner you see if. You can arrange, stack, and stand your pieces any way you’d like. Once every player is set up the game progresses with everyone taking turns flicking pieces until there’s only one player left with a Lord on the table.


Four Elements comes in a laser-cut wooden box and contains 4 different sets of laser-cut acrylic pieces. While the prototype box I received keeps falling apart, designer Robert Murelli assures me those issues have been fixed for the final product.

The acrylic pieces are beautiful, with each element contain different shapes and even different thicknesses. This gives each element a slightly different feel in how it plays.

Four Elements


With a simple ruleset, great pieces, and a ton of different ways to setup the game and surfaces to play on, Four Elements is an excellent game for those who love dexterity games. For around $15 you can’t beat the value you get in the box. I should mention that the $15 version doesn’t come with the hand-crafted wooden box like I received. If you’re looking for that version it’s going to cost you around $102. To check out all the pledge levels head on over to the Kickstarter page.

A prototype of Four Elements was provided free for preview by Robert Murelli

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