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Dog Might Games currently has a Kickstarter campaing running for a new product they’re calling the Skirmish Box. It’s a box for transporting all your most important minis to whatever battlefield they’re next to spill blood upon. Made from various hardwoods, these boxes offer a variety of comparments for your 25mm miniatures, dice, cards, and whatever else you might need. The bottom of the main compartment contains a metal plate, 26 guage cord rolled steel, covered by either felt or leather. Attach some magnets to the bottoms of your minis and they’re not going anywhere when stored inside.

Dog Might Games sent me a Skirmish Box so I could check it out, and I can say it’s up to their high standards of quality. Mine has a phoenix on the lid, a 10”x3.5” compartment for minis and, a 10”x0.75” compartment for dice, writing utensils, etc… There’s plenty of other configurations that can be found on the campaign page to meet the needs of most miniatures fans. I’m currenlty using the box to carry around my Butcher Guildball team and the entire first season of minis fits inside without a problem. I can even store my team’s custom dice and templates inside with room to spare.

Skirmish Box

As with most Dog Might products, there’s a variety of woods, finishes, and lid designs available to customize your box even further. There’s plenty of add-ons too. Everything from straps to magnets. Prices for the box range from $99 to $249 depending on how you want your box. That’s not including any add-ons and upgrades you may decide on after pledging.

The Skirmish Box has already blown through it’s goal, so pledge now and make sure you’re one of the first to get these awesome boxes.

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