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Aether Tower has just launched a new Kickstarter campaignf for Cooking Rumble, a microgame where 2 players try to complete recipies and be the first chef to earn 6 points. The game’s mechanics are based around players using ingredient cards to complete 3 random recipes on the table. Each recipe requires 3 items from the following: sugars, cereals, proteins, and vegetables. Each player gets 1 card of each ingredient in their hand. On their turn they’ll place one face down in front of them for the other player to guess. Only cards matching the next level of each recipe can be played. If the other player fails to guess the card the active player can place a token over that ingredient on their side of a recipe card. If the other player guesses correctly, they can place a token on the next spot on their side of any recipe card. To make things a little bit more interesting each player has 2 wild tokens, each double sided so that all 4 ingredients are represented. Before they play a card on their turn they can change the next ingredient on any recipe card using one of their wild tokens. This comes in handy when the current set of icons would only allow them to play from only 1 or two cards.

Cooking Rumble Cover 01The first person to complete a recipe card takes that card for its point value, and a new recipe card is drawn from the deck. All wild tokens are also restored to their respective owners and the game continues until one player has accumlated 6 points.

An $8 pledge will get you the basic version of the game while $17 will get you a Deluxe version with upgraded components and an additional recipe book (no details on the latter yet.) Stretch goals have not been announced yet, but the game has already funded and I’m sure they’ll be some announced soon.

Cooking Rumble is ultra-fast, ultra-simple, and a fantastic little micro filler. It’s especially great to play with kids and is super portable, making it an easy one to tuck away for long card rides, waiting rooms, etc… The artwork is also really cute with colorful foods and superdefomed chefs. The price point sets it firmly in “impusle buy” territory, though you certainly won’t have any regrets from doing so.

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