Pokemon GO Launched

Last night Pokemon GO was released in the US for iOS and Android. The eagerly awaited game lets you explore the real world for Pokemon that you can use to battle at Gyms and try and win control of them for your faction. Various real-world landmarks will host Pokestops where you can replenish items for free, or as previously mentioned Gyms.

Pokemon can be caught just about anywhere, and you can always see which ones are nearby. So far I’ve seen mostly common ones around, but I’m sure there’ll be some harder to find ones in areas of import, or on out-of-the-way hiking trails.

I’ve only just started playing, so I can’t really give my in-depth thoughts yet. Right now the initial excitement is high, but it remains to be see how much playability the game has, and how buggy or not it currently is.

Until then, get out there and Catch ‘em All!

Pokeon Go Encounter
Pokeon Go Gym Ownership
Pokeon Go Map
Pokeon Go Pokestop

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