Perfect Pitch Preview

Perfect Pitch Preview - Image Not AvailableDesigners: John P. Van Valkenburgh
Publisher: Self-Published
Year: 2018
Minimum Pledge: N/A
Players: 3-10
Play Time: 15-30 min
Ages: 14+
Rules Available Online: No

What would you get if you took a deck of random words, put them into a tuck box, tied a loose set of party rules to them, and slapped a name on the box?

Pitch Perfect.

I have to admit Pitch Perfect has been sitting in my review pile for a few months. The entire package was just so vanilla and unassuming that I continued to pass it by for more interesting looking games. Feeling guilty for not having written it up yet I bit the bullet, hoping the plain white box with its solid back text and matching cards would contain some sort of party game I could enjoy and ask myself “Why didn’t I check this out sooner?”

It didn’t.

Perfect Pitch is a game about pitching movies. Each round one player takes the role of a Studio Executive (judge) and each player, or team of players must use a hand of 6 words to come up with a movie pitch in 90 seconds. At least 2 of these words must make up the movie’s title. The Studio Executive then chooses the best pitch and points are awarded.

That’s it.

Now Pitch Perfect is still in prototype form, so there still may be artwork added or gameplay changes. I would hope so because as of right now there’s not much to separate the game from just about every other “do this with your cards and be judged” bland party game out there. Right now it’s just a deck of words.

One last note. As of right now, there’s no website for the game, no BoardGameGeek entry, no known plans for a Kickstarter, and no Facebook page (even though the box lists a Facebook URL.) It’s almost like Pitch Perfect doesn’t even exist. For now, maybe that’s for the best.

A prototype copy of Pitch Perfect was provided free for this preview.

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