PeltaPeeps Review

PeltaPeeps Review - CoverDesigners: Thomas Kite, Samuel Kite
Publisher: Pelta Games
Year: 2017
MSRP: $49.95 – $190
Players: 2-6
Play Time:  10-80min
Ages: 8+
Rules Available Online: No
BGG: Pelta Peeps

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Pelta Games is all about combining art and play. Their first game, PeltaPeeps, combines this with a very loose theme of gender and neural networks. Handmade, the game features acrylic tiles that are played to the table without the confines of a board. There are three different versions of the game: PeltaPeeps for TWO, PeltaPeeps CORE, and PeltaPeeps FULL. The following PeltaPeeps review focuses on the FULL version of the game but will touch a bit on the others and their differences.


Playing PeltaPeeps couldn’t be easier. Each player takes a set of colored tiles and the game is ready to go.

The first player to go places a piece in the middle of the playing area. After this players take turn connecting and optionally moving or flipping over another player’s tile. The game ends when everyone has played their tiles, or no once can place any new tiles.

PeltaPeeps Review - TypesThere’s a couple of special rules to keep in mind.

  • Only tiles with 2 or more connections can be played in the first 3 rounds
  • Players may never move or flip their own tiles
  • The “Sleeping Peep”, the only tile with a curved connector, can never block an open connection point

Scoring seems a bit complicated at first, but it fairly straight forward.

  • Each tile scores 1 point for each of it’s connections attached to another tile
  • 1 Bonus point is scored for each pair of tiles connected that are the same color
  • PeltaPeeps (tiles with open eyes on them) are worth 2 points each if face up at the end of the game
  • Eggs (tiles with scales) are worth 1 point each if face up at the end of game.

That’s it! The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins!


PeltaPeeps is made up of UV printed, laser cut playing pieces. Each piece is cast acrylic around 1/8th inch thick & 1.5 inch in diameter. They’re sturdy and are easy to pickup, place, connect, and disconnect. Each version of the game, the For TWO verison playing a bit differently, comes with varying amounts of pieces as follows:

  • PeltaPeeps for TWO
    • 2 sets of 8 round pieces (brown and ivory)
    • 2 sets of Bones & Arrows (brown and ivory)
  • PeltaPeeps CORE
    • 4 sets of 8 standard pieces in choice of two colors sets: Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green or Dove Grey, Midnight, Ivory, Dark Red
  • PeltaPeeps FULL
    • 4 sets of 16 standard pieces in Red, Blue, Purple, and Green

There’s also sets to expand the CORE and FULL versions to 6 players. The CORE version adds 2 8-piece sets in Red and Purple while the FULL version adds 2 16-piece sets in Orange and Yellow.


Pelta Peeps is a really enjoyable game with simple rules but a lot of strategy. It’s a game of planning ahead, a bit of bluffing, and sometimes making sacrifices so a better move can be made further down the line. At first it seems like everyone is just flipping everyone else’s tiles over, but as the board grows choices expand and it becomes a bit more difficult to decide where to put tiles or whether or not to flip or move another player’s pieces. There’s plenty of oppounity to block other players, along with multiple ways to try and up your total score by the end of the game. You constantly need to make sure other players aren’t building large chains or their own color, getting Peeps and Eggs to stay face up, or maxing out joined connections.

Just because the game has a bit of depth to it doesn’t mean it’s not accessible. PeltaPeeps is an amazingly family-friendly game due to it’s easy of entry and colorful, easy to pick up pieces. I was able to enjoy the game to its fullest with my 7-year-old, 10-year-old, and 12-year-old. My 3-year-old even loves playing with the pieces and creating different designs and patterns by taking turns, even if he’s not learning the “proper” way to play. PeltaPeeps is one of those games that I have a feeling will see a lot of play with my family. My kids have already requested to play with me multiple times, and have already pulled the game out on their own many times since it’s arrived.

There is a catch, however. Being handmade, PeltaPeeps is expensive. Not just a little expensive. It’s VERY expensive.

Here’s the price list of the current offerings:

PeltaPeeps for TWO: $49.95
PeltaPeeps CORE:
$106 (standard colors) – $120 (designer colors)
PeltaPeeps CORE 6-Player Expansion:
PeltaPeeps FULL:
PeltaPeeps CORE 6-Player Expansion:

I really hate to say it, but those prices really put it out of a comfortable price range even though the game is a blast to play, especially since it’s really just a box of acrylic tiles. My hopes are that Pelta Games can find a way to mass produce these for a more reasonable price to get the game into the hands of more families.

A FULL set with 6-Player expansion, along with the For TWO set, of PeltaPeeps was sent free for review by Pelta Games.



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