PAX East 2017 – Lost Castle

Lost Castle

I stumbled upon Hunter Studios’ booth while working my way to one of my various appointments at PAX East this year. I had almost walked right by them when a game on one of their 2 screens caught my eye. That game was Lost Castle. I was immediately struck by how much it resembled Castle Crashers, a game I have fond memories of playing online with friends. After talking to one of the developers I found out the game is like a cross between Castle Crashers and a Rogue Legacy. Death is permanent, though you can earn souls that allow you to make upgrades to future characters to make play easier.

Lost Castle also caters a bit more to the hardcore gamer. It’s difficult and you’re expected to die, and to die often. Underneath its cute veneer, it’s brutal.

Having been significantly impressed I walked away from the booth with a Steam key in hand and a strong desire to get home and install the game (which I did.) I’ve gotten some play in, but not enough to write up my full review yet. So far I’m really enjoying it, though I have to admit to rage-quitting more than a few times so far while trying to stay alive.

Want to take my word for it before I write up the review? Snag the game on Steam now for $9.99.

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