PAX East 2017 – EarthNight

I made sure I made an appointment at PAX East with Cleversoft as soon as I received their press released for EarthNight, an endless runner…that has an end. The hand-painted artwork was an instant draw for me and I eagerly awaited my time slot to sit down and have a chance to play the game.

What I saw in that tiny booth tucked against the outer wall of the convention floor was the best game of the show. I played a PS4 build of the game with both of its main characters, Stanley, a freelance photographer with a sword and awesome beard, and Sydney, a 14-year-old high schooler with some kind of awesome power.

Basically, mankind has been all but wiped out by the Dragon Apocalypse. What remains of humanity lives in space. Stanley and Sydney free fall from their tiny space station and plummet towards earth, running along the backs of gigantic dragons and killing them as they go.

It’s amazing.

Each character plays a bit differently. Stanley is more for beginners as he’s pretty straight forward to control and has a sword that can slice through smaller enemies. Sydney is a bit harder, but a lot more rewarding. She can double jump, dash, and power slam and she races along dragons.

EarthNight is very close to console release on the PS4, with iOS, Android, PS Vita, Mac, and PC versions coming shortly after.

This is certainly one to wait for, and drool over.

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