Patreon Spotlight: Victory Condition Gaming

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Victory Condition Gaming

“Victory Condition Gaming is providing content on Youtube and Twitch in addition to a weekly podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, Podbean and weekly radio show on the Monoroom Gaming Radio Station Tuesdays at 4:30PM EST.”

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Tabletop gaming content in podcast, livestream, and video form

Support Levels:

$1, $3, $5, $10, $100

Rewards include:

  • 10% off any VCG booth purchases at events
  • “Supporter” role on the VCG Chaotic Good Discord where you’ll be able to host RPG rooms and have voice priority in chats
  • A pair of our VCG dice every year
  • 15% off in the VCG webstore
  • A bi-annual box (June and December) shipped with various items curated personally by Doug
  • Podcast sponsorship slots

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