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The Thoughtful Gamer

“I created The Thoughtful Gamer to provide a high-quality board game reviews, strategy guides, and discussion about board game culture. Soon after beginning I started a bi-weekly podcast. Then I expanded that to include off-week podcast features. Now I even stream games occasionally, and I’m in the process of dipping my toes into the world of video reviews and how to play videos.”

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Board Game Podcasts, Reviews, and Commentary

Support Levels:

$2, $5, $20

Rewards include:

  • Access to a private Discord server to chat with other supporters
  • Access to a live stream of all main podcast recordings
  • Monthly newsletter exclusive to patreon supporters. I’ll post some film reviews, talk about what books I’ve been reading, and whatever else I’ve found interesting over the last 30 days.
  • Entry into our quarterly competitions (monthly if we hit the $500 goal!)
  • First access to my “sale list”. You can claim whatever games you want from the list of games I want to get rid of. Pay only the cost of shipping.
  • Access to the giant spreadsheet that the Thoughtful Gamer crew has been using for years to track our game ratings (and other random statistics)
  • Your name (or pseudonym of choice) listed on as a supporter
  • Designer Diary early access. See what changes, updates, and conundrums I’ve encountered in my various game design projects before anyone else. 
  • Access to the Master Folder where all of the secrets are kept (okay, not that many secrets). See my half-completed articles, notes from podcasts, and spy on what I’m working on currently
  • A “produced by” credit on all Thoughtful Gamer videos
  • A verbal “produced by” credit and custom shout out of your choice (within reason) on a podcast episode
  • (After 6 months support on this tier) The opportunity to join in. Play your favorite game with Marc on stream, be a guest on the podcast–pitch me your idea and we’ll work together to make it happen

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