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Swordsfall is a setting born from a mixture of love and frustration with fantasy lore. The focus point of a lot of the Low or High Fantasy that we have come accustomed to all has a distinct Eurocentric flavor to it. It’s been something that a lot of us have grown up with and enjoyed over the years.

The side effect of this, however, has been a lack of representation in fantasy not just for people of color, but for whole ethnic groups and cultures. I yearned to see more fantasy books and other nerdy properties that had the same wonder of swords and magic but with characters that weren’t all named Richard. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Richard, but variety is the spice of life.)

So in the same way that works such as Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons is Eurocentric, Swordsfall is Afrocentric. The underlining lore is built from the history of pre-colonial Africa. 

Not just one part. All. Of. Africa.

There’s a wealth of information, and lore from the African Diaspora that’s just been begging to be utilized. Swordsfall will pull from that barely touched pot.

Swordsfallhas several components to the project; World Anvil, novels, a Tabletop RPG and informational YouTube videos about the research I’ve uncovered.

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An Afropunk Sci-Fantasy setting for a TTRPG and Novels

Support Levels:

$1, $3 $5, $10, $25, $50

Rewards include:

  • Access to the Patreon blog and access to final concept sketches.
  • gain access to behind the scene posts where I talk in detail about the conceptual origins of the world. Where the spark of creation came for your favorite character or story!
  • Access to black & sketches and early concept sketches.
  • Patreon Polls where you can vote for what I focus on next. Want to see more animals in the Beastiary? Want to see more focus on the pirate group, Heaven’s Fall?
  • Special Diviner level blog post with Sneak Peeks into unreleased content. There are a couple of dozen draft posts and 3 half-written short stories at any given time. Want to see what’s coming up?
  • Exclusive scenarios that I will release quarterly AFTER the Swordsfall RPG has been released. I will have monthly Q&A’s where I answer questions posed by The Chosen. Additionally, you’ll be able to ask any specific game-related questions and I’ll resolve them. (Well the creator said you can’t, so shut up and roll already!)
  • A signed copy of any printed material that’s published while you’re a Patreon member!

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