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Nights Around a Table

“Hi! I’m Ryan Henson Creighton, a game designer and creative writer. I make board game videos just for you! These are the types of Nights Around a Table videos that you can enjoy:

  • Unboxing
  • How to Play
  • Find the Fun reviews
  • The Deal excerpts, giving you just the gist
  • Setup guides

… along with one-off videos on topics you’ll find exceedingly interesting.”

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A universe of board game videos

Support Levels:

$3, $10, $17, $50, $500

Rewards include:

  • Access to the patron-only feed
  • Early access to videos before anyone else gets to see them
  • Discord server access where you can yap about board games all day long
  • AdBlock absolution, so you can watch my videos ad-free AND guilt free!
  • Voting privileges on polls, deciding which board games and topics i cover
  • Access to Ryan’s secret cache of documents, including research documents, content planning boards, and video scripts. Shhh!! These must not fall into enemy hands!
  • A Very Special Discord server role
  • 1 (one) adorable meeple rescued by Ryan from an imperiled school bus and mailed to your house, along with a profile card with facts and stats about that meeple (1 [one] rescued meeple every 3 [three] mos, following the first 3 [three] months of your support) 
  • Official sponsor status of the Nights Around a Table YouTube channel, including your name and link in the video description, and customized “Brought to You By”-style pre- and post-roll spots in all videos produced and released during your sponsorship. (maximum 1 patron at this tier)

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