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Mile High Game Guys

“Hi! I’m Ryan Henson Creighton, a game designer and creative writer. We’re Adrian, Jeff, and Zach and together the three of us make up the amazing TriForce pretty-OK board game podcast, Mile High Game Guys. We started back in June of 2016 with a couple of cheap mics, a Nalgene for a mic stand, and a fierce desire to ramble inanely about all things board game related. Well, with a bit of hard work, a bunch of good fortune, and enough cursing to make a sailor blush, we have managed to grow into the best podcast produced entirely in Adrian’s basement!

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The Mile High Game Guys Board Gaming Podcast

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Rewards include:

  • Access to the Patron only feed where we will regularly post about things going on behind the scenes of the show and give you advanced notice of upcoming review/discussion topics, interviews, and more!
  • Access to the Patron-only channel on the new MHGG slack!
  • A named shout-out on the show!
  • Special cutting floor mp3s featuring the stuff we cut from the episode for time constraints
  • File uploads of Jeff’s very professional, not at all ridiculous, hand written show notes
  • Access to a monthly google hangout with Adrian, Jeff, & Zach
  • Access to a poll to help determine 1 review every 10 episodes
  • We’ll work with you on a custom super shout-out on the show
  • Access to a monthly game with Adrian, Jeff, or Zach; either video or board, online or (if possible) in-person
  • A personal Skype call with us that will be included in an actual episode!

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