Patreon Spotlight: Mike Meeple

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Mike Meeple

“I am just an ordinary guy who loves tabletop gaming!  In addition to my full time job, being a husband and a dad, I currently run a blog where I review games, interview designers about upcoming games, and teach people how to paint miniatures on the cheap!  Unfortunately, all of this costs some money (new games to review, paints to use, etc.) and I have currently been fronting the bill myself, however, with your help, I’ll be able to deliver ad-free, consistent, weekly content!  Won’t you consider becoming a Patron?”

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Tabletop reviews, previews, and painting tutorials.

Support Levels:

$1, $10, $20, $35

Rewards include:

  • Special thank you on my blog page.
  • Exclusive Polls of what my next review or post will be about.
  • Mike Meeple will also paint 1 of your minis!
  • Mike Meeple will also paint 1 of your minis PER MONTH!

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