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I have thoughts about the design space in games and must write!

I’m Thomas, that guy in that circle up there. I have worked in the roleplaying and board games industry for over a decade as a graphic designer and layout artist. During the past few years, I have written for online publications where some of my reviews of game products delved into a serious look at the presentation of the object. Reviews, critiques, examinations of how graphic design evolved in a work — these are some of the things I enjoy writing about!

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Writings about layout, game design, and layout in games

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  • I’ll send you a personal thank you note and add your name to the blog as a patron.
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  • I’ll also high-five you if we ever meet in person.
  • I will introduce you to people and tell them how awesome you are. “Hey, have you met Denise? They are one awesome human!” is a potential thing I would say if your name happened to be Denise. Of course, this would be superfluous as the person I am introducing you to would be physically struck by the awesomeness radiating from your mortal form, their eyes and ears fixated on your perfection, the beauty that is your core being; my comments: unheard in your presence.

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