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Cardboard Clash

“I am a board game reviewer for 1 and 2-players. I started Cardboard Clash at the tail end of 2016 because I continuously ran into a problem when researching board game purchases: there were too few reviews covering the experience with two players. Most of my own gaming is done with my wife, and so that player count was important for me, and I was certain there were other couples out there who were encountering similar problems. So I got to work and started reviewing board games from my collection.”

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Board Game Reviews and Teaching/Gameplay Videos

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$1, $5, $10, $20

Rewards include:

  • A listing on my Contributors page on my website and an extra entry into any promo-related giveaways. .
  • Entries into any patron-exclusive giveaways
  • Access to Teaching Notes in a Google Drive folder.
  • Votes toward games or expansions you’d like to see reviewed.
  • A hand-written thank you sent out to anywhere in the world after 3 months of support.
  • A hand-written thank you sent out to anywhere in the world after 3 months of support along with a booster pack or rare card of your choice of CCGs from my available pool.
  • After 6 months of support I will do a video series on the dueling or solo of the game of your choice (restricted by availability and affordability).

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