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Board Game Design Lab

The Board Game Design Lab is a weekly podcast that interviews designers, publishers, and board game insiders on specific topics. We don’t waste time talking about games we’ve played lately or get caught up on pop culture. There are plenty of other podcasts that do those things very well.”

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Board game design content

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$2, $5, $65

Rewards include:

  • Early access to all BGDL resources and products (books, online courses, conferences, etc)
  • 1 free entry into the BGDL Design Challenge
  • Access to 1 bonus podcast a month focused on creativity, productivity, motivation, time management, and/or other personal development topics (these episodes will be released to the public 2 months later)
  • Vote for future podcast guests and topics
  • Access to exclusive interview series such as The Kickstarter Diaries
  • Send in audio questions and possibly have them answered in a BGDL podcast episode
  • Free chances to win giveaways of gift certificates to Cool Stuff Inc.
  • 1 hour long Skype call a month to discuss anything game design related

Latest Content

Designing Games with Your Kids with David and Jordanna Santiago

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