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Board Game Barrage

Mark, Neilan, and Kellen run Board Game Barrage – a podcast / Instagram / web community about all things board games. We aren’t afraid to tell it like it is and want to help people find amazing games by sorting through the chaff.

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Podcasts, Videos, and Board Gaming Content

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Rewards include:

  • Quarterly state-of-the-podcast newsletter
  • A  bonus monthly episode of the podcast that includes board game talk as well as our thoughts on books, movies, film, and the state of the universe…
  • Access to random behind-the-scenes and between-the-sheets sneak peeks videos via Patreon’s Lens feature
  • Your own private tank color in the Board Game Barrage army. You can reserve your own unique color tank that is visible in Discord, and will be included on our website with a link out to wherever you’d like
  • Quarterly polls to select a board game to be covered on the podcast
  • We will cover any game you want on the podcast! Anything from Mall Madness to Arkwright is up for grabs! If it’s a game, we will play it. (Within reason…don’t try to sneak Campaign for North Africa in here!)

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