Patreon Spotlight: Beyonder RPG

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Beyonder RPG

“We are Flying NightBear Games.  For the last forty years, our family has been building and playing Beyonder, a tabletop role-playing game developed from first principles, with game play deeply integrated into the world. It is our hope that gamers of every persuasion will see themselves reflected there.”

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Creating more setting, new rule books, game modules, and video content for the Beyonder RPG.

Support Levels:

$2, $5, $10

Rewards include:

  • Your name will appear on a list of our Patrons on our next YouTube video
  • We’ll keep you up to date on all FNBGames news
  • Some of our new content before we get it out the door
  • Early access to YouTube videos
  • Your input into our development process on the next thing we create
  • Play test early releases of new rules and abilities

Latest Content

A Series about the Nossring Kingdom, Part 1

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