Pathfinder Second Edition Lost Omens: Gods & Magic

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No fantasy setting is complete without a pantheon of powerful deities for its characters to worship or fear. Whether you’re a sneaky rogue asking the god of thievery for a blessing on your next heist or a valorous crusader calling the might of your patron down upon the forces of evil, faith and the forces behind it are key to every character’s identity. Within this volume you’ll find details on the gods and non-deific faiths of the Age of Lost Omens from the perspective of their clergy and lay worshipers. You’ll also discover new domains, feats, and spells to customize your character, and an exhaustive index of hundreds of deities from the Pathfinder setting you can worship (and the mechanical benefits of doing so).

On March 24, 2020, Paizo released the Lost Omens: Gods & Magic sourcebook. As far as hardcover sourcebooks with beautiful color glossy pages go, this one sells for about $18.99 (Amazon) or $34.99 (Paizo), depending on whether or not you want to pay double for the same brand new book. Weighing in at 136 pages, you get quite a bit of meat and potatoes for your dollar. This book is full of deities, faction and sect information, character options, new spells, weapons, and items. Gods & Magic dives deeper into the deities contained in the Second Edition Core Rulebook and also adds twenty(!) new deities to the mix.

Like any other Pathfinder sourcebook, I utilize the gold contained within for Pathfinder gameplay, or course. However, my Pathfinder sourcebooks probably get more wear and tear outside of the Pathfinder universe. This is because I jam them straight into my 5e games – no conversion, no over-thinking. I simply take the items, creatures, weapons, spells, whatever and drag-and-drop them right into my 5e campaigns. Yes, sometimes they need a little trimming and modding around the edges. But, generally speaking, they fit right in (stat blocks and all) without much effort or modification.

On its merits, this book is great. Paizo tends to deliver, on time. And, what is really most impressive, is their ability to generate such a large volume of content so rapidly and consistently. Pathfinder Second Edition is evolving in a praiseworthy direction and Gods & Magic is no exception to the rule. With each published sourcebook or adventure, the Pathfinder universe grows and its lore blossoms. Simultaneously, the mechanics of Second Edition seem to get mini software updates along the way.

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