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Last week, Neil Jackson, from Paladin Roleplaying was generous enough to send over some of their gaming accessories for us to check out. Based in Devon, United Kingdom, Paladin Roleplay sells and ships beautiful dice and other roleplaying accessories worldwide through their online store. The company was founded in 2017, and aims “to get gorgeous dice and roleplaying accessories out onto gaming tables around the world!”

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Shown above is Paladin Roleplaying’s faux leather small dice rolling tray. This tray snaps together from a flat position so, it is easily portable, making it a great accessory to slide into your backpack to take with you on the road. This dice tray measures 5.5″ square, with 1.2″ high sides, when assembled. When opened flat, it measures 7.9″ square. Selling for only $10.45, this is a very affordable dice tray that will even fit into a board game box, or flush up against a hardcover core rulebook.

Paladin Roleplaying also offers a variety of beautiful polyhedral dice for your game table. Shown here is the Storm Lord set. This bi-color grey and blue marble expanded polyhedral set includes an extra 2d0. $18.95 gets your this set which includes the extra d20, a dice bag, and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty (an uncommon perk). Because this set comes with an extra d20, it works great for any Dungeons & Dragons 5e or Pathfinder game setting.

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The Blood God red and brown marble 8 d6 dice set sells for $14.95. These bi-color dice evoke a dark, vampiric mood. These dice are ideal for any RPG system that uses six-sided dice.

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If you are looking for something a little more seductive, check out this Succubus pink and black 8 d10 set. Selling for $15.45, This dice set is perfect for any d10-based system, such as Vampire: The Masquerade.

These accessories are affordable and aesthetic. Another successful business born from a Kickstarter campaign. I love supporting independent up-starts and Paladin Roleplaying’s inventory is worth a look.

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