Paint Tutorial – Imperial Assault AT-ST – Part 1.5

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There is no “right” way to paint your model. With so many personal style preferences and color options out there, the possibilities are limitless. Before touching a brush to a model, I always comb through the interwebs for some inspiration. There are a lot of very talented people out there sharing pictures of their painted models, tips, and advice, or how-to videos. It is worth taking the time to view some finished examples of the model that you are going to paint before you begin.

Matthew Sullivan, who runs is someone that I frequently look to for ideas. His blog is loaded with photos of well-painted minis. His painting talent and abilities are light-years beyond my amateur skills and his work is a wealth of ideas for color options and stylistic techniques. I reached out to Matthew and asked him to share some images of his painted AT-ST. He agreed and here is the result:

OldenHammer AT-ST
Used with permission from Matthew Sullivan of

I wanted to take a moment and highlight this top-notch paint job. Matthew’s AT-ST sports a beautiful sandy weathered look. His ability to capture lighting and maximize layering really makes the model pop. He has done an excellent job in creating contrast in and around the more detailed mechanical aspects of the model. Notice the rust and grime effects. His careful attention to detail is what brings this model to life. Although I plan to create a far more basic muddy base, these are some things that I will attempt to achieve as I paint my model. If I have one-tenth the success of Matthew, I will consider it a job well done. Thanks again for sharing, Matthew. Keep up the good work.

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