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Brotherwise Games has brought the Boss Monster world from cards to the board with Overlord, their latest game up on Kickstarter. Instead of creating the perfect lair for killing heroes, the boss monsters are now leaving their dungeons to conquer land by spreading swamps, caves, graveyards, orc settlements, and dungeons.

In Overlord each player has their own board where they’ll be placing drafted terrain tiles and placing monsters. Each terrain type scores differently depending on how they’re placed or how many other tiles are in play. Monsters, on the other hand, score more points for being in their preferred terrain but also in groups of like monsters.

Overlord Cover Mockup 3d

The basic gameplay is simple. A player grabs a tile/monster pair from a pool, places them on their board, then draws a new tile and monster to take the space they grabbed from. There are also crystals and portals which give players special abilities to use on their turns. Once all the players fill their player boards the game ends.

Overlord is very simple and accessible at its core, yet manages to create an engaging experience through how tiles and monsters are laid, and how players use their portals to create better scoring opportunities for themselves. While the version of the game for this preview didn’t include them, Brotherwise has announced variable player powers through the use of unique playable bosses.

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Playable bosses with unique powers (unlocked stretch goal)

Overlord is currently available on Kickstarter for a minimum of $40 to get a physical copy. This is one that’s well worth the price, especially when you count all the stretch goals already unlocked.

An Overlord prototype was provided free for preview by Brotherwise Games

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