Originz on Tabletop Simulator

The other night I sat down with Evan from Flavor Faction to play their super hero card game, Originz. I had a chance to play this back during CT FIG, but this time I got to play over Tabletop Simulator to check out the implementation.

How does it play? Really well. All the cards look great, and the game plays like you’d expect. Evan and I had a great match, trading blows back and forth for quite some time before I finally slipped up and he got the upper hand. I’ll be posting a more indepth view of the game once Flavor Faction launches their Kickstarter. Until then, you can snag the module for TTS here. You’ll also need the rulebook, and you may want to watch the How to Play Video.

You’ll need a copy of Tabletop Simulator, which costs $20 on Steam.

Here’s some screenshots from the game:

Originz 1
Originz 2
Originz 3

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