Onitama: Sensei’s Path Micro Review

Onitama: Sensei's Path Review - CoverDesigners: Shimpei Sato
Publisher: Arcane Wonders
Year: 2017
MSRP: $12.99
Players: 2
Play Time: 10-30 minutes
Ages: 8+
Rules Available Online: Yes
BGG: Onitama: Sensei’s Path

I first wrote about Onitama back in April of 2016 while I was still writing for Purple Pawn. Back then I wrote that the game was “a game that I believe will stand the test of time” and that it would “always have a spotlight space on my game shelf.” That hasn’t changed much and I’m excited to say that the 16 card expansion to the game, Sensei’s Path, adds a wonderful amount of diversity to the game without sacrificing the core simplicity of the game.

Onitama: Sensei's Path Review - Cards

Bringing the total amount of Onitama cards to 32, Sensei’s Path includes the following:

  • Bear
  • Dog
  • Giraffe
  • Fox
  • Iguana
  • Kirin
  • Mouse
  • Otter
  • Panda
  • Phoenix
  • Rat
  • Sable
  • Sea Snake
  • Tanuki
  • Turtle
  • Viper

These cards add a bit more fluidity to player’s moves, containing more jumps and ways to really get around the board in interesting new ways. While certainly not a necessity, this pack is an excellent addition to any serious Onitama fan. It also comes inside a micro version of the base game’s box. It’s a bit overkill but certainly looks good on the shelf.

A copy of Onitama: Sensei’s Path was provided free for review by Arcane Wonders

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