NorthernIceWerks 3D Printed Miniatures Review

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NorthernIceWerks prints a variety of 3D sculpts and lists them for sale in their Etsy shop. NorthernIceWerks is icensed to print and sell these models via various agreements with the 3D artists who created the sculpts. Currently, they offer a variety of prints including: goblin village huts, townsfolke, dwarf clans, goblin war bands, skeletons, and more. Compared to the majority of 3D print operations out there, these prints result in dense, high-detail miniatures, vastly different than the light-weight renderings that cloud the market these days.

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NorthernIceWerks also sells their prints for a very reasonable price. Having reviewed a variety of 3D print outfits, these miniatures are definitely on the more affordable side of the scale. For example, a four-pack of the goblin huts, by Ill Gotten Games and sculpted by Arian Croft, that you see here will cost you $19.99 (shown below on Inked Gaming’s Rural Plains Wargaming Mat with 1″ grid overlay). The five piece dwarf set, sculpted by Max Maurel, pictured above (shown on Rocket Pig Games’ TileScape) sells for $14.99. This is certainly cheaper than the average $4-5 per mini price tag (and, the quality is notably better).

These miniatures (such as the goblins and dwarves) are 3D printed in 28mm scale in grey UV resin, resulting in better detail and a smooth finish (much nicer than traditional filament/FDM printing). For many of the sets offered by NorthernIceWerks, they are willing to fulfill custom orders of unlisted prints or varying combinations of sculpts. These minis look great as they are, or could be easily primed and painted. As you can see in the photos, their size and scale makes them a welcome addition to a 1″ grid battle map.

If you are interested in picking up some quick miniatures for your tabletop games, definitely give NorthernIceWerks a look. They offer quality, affordable, 3D printed classic fantasy miniatures and terrain. I will be using them in an upcoming 5e campaign setting, so check us out on facebook for more photos.

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