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Stephen is another awesome person I first met at CT-FIG, quickly bonding over the fact that we are both family gamers and our shared love of the Autobot Jazz. I'm constantly impressed by his work ethic, ability to always stay positive, and his infectious energy and passion for games. He's also a great dude to bounce ideas off of, and always has great new ideas of his own.


Tell everyone who you are, and a little about yourself.

Hey! I’m Stephen Duetzmann. I run Engaged Family Gaming, a website where we talk about games families can play together.

I’ve been a gamer since I was impossibly young, but I only recently got into the board game side of things.

I don’t know why exactly, but I never found time for them until I just went and bought Ticket To Ride one day... and the rest is history (and shelving... lots of shelving).

You run Engaged Family Gaming.
Tell me a bit about how the site came about.


EFG has been around for about 5 years now. It was my wife’s idea actually.

I have wanted to write about games for a while, but I was having trouble finding my voice.

Eventually my wife suggested focusing my writing on games that people can play with their kids.

I hemmed and hawed for a bit, but eventually I created the site and have been working hard on it ever since.

About how long has EFG been posting tabletop gaming content?

5 years. We had board game content right at the start. It just wasn’t written by me.

How many people did you start with? How many people currently write for the site?

It has varied. I had a lot of people who helped push out a bunch of content in the beginning. But, I have consistently had between 3 and 4 including myself.

With a few bare patches.

What kinds of media does EFG span?

We create written content on our website and Facebook page.

We have a podcast that airs weekly. We’ve had about 130 episodes so far! The podcast alternates between video game and board game content. (You’re also on it!)

We are starting to experiment with video content as well on places like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook live.

I am on the podcast! It's quite exciting.
So tell me a bit about what your schedule is like.

My schedule?

Well. EFG is a labor of love right now. I spend my Monday through Friday working the day job.

I spend some time with the wife and kids when I get home, and I do my work after the kids go to bed.

I record our podcast on Monday nights. I also guest on Geeking with the Moms every otherTuesday night.

I’m looking into regular gaming streams on our Facebook page, but I’m still working on the schedule for that.

What's your favorite part about running EFG?

The new experiences. EFG has grown significantly since I started so it has given me the chance to do a lot of cool stuff.

I’ve spoken on Panels at PAX East. I’ve gone to E3 (and I’m going again). I’ve been to New York Toy Fair several times.

I’ve also gotten to meet a lot of really cool folks in and around the industry!

I'm a cool person!
You recently hosted a talk for parents at a local library, correct?

I did! I did a talk called “Video Games: A Crash Course.” I made a lot of suggestions for parents who were nervous about their kids and the video games they play.

Any plans for a tabletop version?

I did the video game talk upon request and will be doing it again. If the people ask for a board game related talk, then I will oblige. 😉

So what's next for EFG?

Our next big adventure is heading to E3 in LA in June

Im taking a team of 5 and we're going to be there for the entire work finding hidden gems for families to play together.

Sounds crazy!

It is! We went last year and it was a great time, but this year we're more prepared to get a LOT of work done.

What tabletop conventions can people find you at over the next few months?

I'll be at ConnectiCon, BFIG, and, hopefully, PAX Unplugged.

Anything you want to add before we wrap up?

Sure! One thing we take great pride in is our Instagram account. We try and give people a great look behind the scenes at our whacky little project. I'd love it if your fans would give it a look and maybe throw us a follow!

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