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Henry hails from Massachusetts and is the co-designer of Sprites, an upcoming 4-player card battle game that should be hitting Kickstarter soon.


Tell me a bit about who are you, and what you do.

I’m a sales manager by day and artist by night is probably the best way to put it

I usually come home and go straight to work on our first card game. Laying whatever artwork is needed on it.

Not sure if that answers the question lol?

Sure does. Tell me a bit about the game.

Our game is based on a fictional world where spirit-like creatures called Sprites accompany people and power several inventions in the world. People have constructed a tool that can harness the energy from sprites and create constructs from imagination.

The game picks up on the idea that people and sprites come together to battle for fame in a sports battle arena. As you battle one another you gain fans as the crowd chants your name. Gain enough fans and you will become the champion.

It’s a 2 to 4 player card game inspired by game mechanics of trading card games, but without the trading part. So you won’t lose your shirt playing our game.

So how did Sprites come about? What's the history behind the game?

Well, I always loved trading card games because the mechanics were always challenging and fun to me. However, I rarely got to play because other people either didn’t have a deck also to play or there were too many people over my house to be able to sit down and play one on one.

So I set myself to reinvent the wheel and try and create something that feels just like a trading card game but could be played up to 4 players and all you would need is one deck.
With that goal in mind, I started with early versions of the game on index cards then moving to a pile of magic the gathering cards I had laying around (even though I’ve never played the game in my life 😅)

I took the demo version to 2 friends and they enjoyed it, one of them was Stephen Terenzi who is now my partner, helping me refine the game to what it is today!

How long did development take? What was your process for figuring out what cards are in the deck, balance, etc...?

I’d like to stay that we are finally done with the mechanics of the game, with that in mind, it’s been about 2 years trying to refine the game and modify it after several conventions. The balance was probably the easy part, once we figured the mechanics overall worked we kind of just knew how to balance the game using mathematics and percentages.

It so far it seems to be working.

So what's your timeline for getting the game to the masses?

Looking like 3rd to 4th quarter of this year we will be going to Kickstarter. If funded we should have the game in peoples hands shortly after.

Anything else currently in the works, or are you laser-focused on Sprites?

I have other plans but currently, laser-focused on sprites especially that we are doing all of the art internally.

Has the whole project been internal?

Pretty much just Steve and I working on the game from mechanics to artwork to the story.

What's it been like making a game soup-to-nuts with just the two or you?

It’s been pretty intimidating and I definitely got the opportunity to learn a lot about game development and the community and industry. I think I’ve definitely grown to appreciate the art more than I used to.

How did you get started designing?

I started drawing anime characters when I was younger but got into more sophisticated art once I got into high school. I took a curriculum in visual arts and started learning about graphic design.

What's your gaming history like? What games did you grow up with? What are some of your favorites now?

I started playing generic card games with my family using typical playing cards with few board games in between.

But then I got involved with the world of  TCGs and really enjoyed the idea of battling players with cards. Pokémon was my gateway into TCGs then I got involved with other games like Yu-Gi-Oh! It was a fun social experience at the time.

Some of my favorite games now are, Secret Hitler, One Night Werewolf, Hero Realms, Munchkin and my list is growing!

Awesome. Anything else you'd like to add before we finish?


I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me!

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