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This week we're pushing the boundaries a bit with Gerald King III, a designer from Northeaster Ohio. That still makes his a Nor'easter because I say so! Gerald is a game designer from Spontaneously Combustible Games and also organizes to the Ultimate Team-Up where designers can come together and do some serious work. Gerald will be on tour starting on March 21st to promote Flip n' Find's Diner and other awesome games.

A dude who thinks outside of the box, so this interview will be a slightly different format than others so far in the series. What does that mean? Keep on reading!


Welcome, Gerald! Tell everyone a little bit about yourself, and what you do.

Tell me a bit more about Spontaneously Combustible Games. How did it come about? How long has it been up and running? What are some of your games?

The Kickstarter for Flip n Find's Diner is already up and my preview for it is going up tomorrow. Go ahead and shill a bit! Give us the details!

(You're killin' me with the video responses. I love it! The shirt ain't have bad, either)

You mention playing a lot of games with your kids. I also have quite the brood. What kind of stuff do you play with them?


What about the games of your childhood? What's your gamer history?

That's an awesome story! The whole point of the Nor'easter series to spotlight people. It's your story, so it's all relevant!

You mentioned hating the competitive nature of your athletics. Does that carry over into your tabletop gaming? Do you tend to steer more toward coop games?

Let's talk a bit about your design process. What's your design process? What other designers inspire you?

You mention the grind and I'm sure all our Nor'easters are familiar with it. How do you find the time to what you do?


(I drink from old glass peanut butter jars! Makes it easy to replace when the kids break them.)

So what's on the horizon for you? What comes after the hectic life of running a KS campaign?

Sounds great! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. Anything else you like to add before we wrap things up?

About the Nor'easter Series

Nor'easters is a series of articles spotlighting a different tabletop game designer, publisher, or content creator from the Northeastern United States each week. The series was inspired by all the amazing people in the industry I've met over the years in my home region of the US.

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