Preview – Night Clan

Designers: Yukinori Ohashi
Publisher: Gamephilia
Year: 2017
Players: 2-4
Play Time: 10-20 minutes
Ages: 14+
Rules Available Online: Yes
BGG: Night Clan

Gamephilia has launched Night Clan on Kickstater. Previously released by Domina Games, the Yukinori Ohashi game is a light-weight area-control card game with some amazing art and a quick play time.

At the start of the game a number of location cards are placed down on the table dicated by the number of players. These are the areas that you’ll play cards down to on your turn. Each player is given an identical deck of 13 cards containing a Troll, Misteltoe, Night Watch cards, Daughters, and Riches. An initial hand of 3 cards is drawn and play begins.

Night Clan Artwork

Each turn players place two of their cards down. These are placed, face-down, on any location. Both can go on the same location or each can go on different locations as long as the location’s card-limit hasn’t been reached. There’s one exception to the face-down rule pertaining to Night Watch cards. These are placed face-up and allow a player to move any card from a different location to the location of the Night Watch card played. Location limits still apply. Once cards are placed, new cards are drawn to bring the handsize back up to 3 cards. Play continues until all cards are played then the game is scored.

Scoring is simple:

  • Locations are scored from lowest capacity to highest
  • The player with the most cards on a location scores that location
  • Points for Daughters and Riches are added up. Subract any points for Night Watch cards to get the total
  • Trolls negate a location’s scoring
  • Mistletoe negates a single Troll. Multiple Mistletoe can negate multiple Trolls
  • The player with the most points wins

Night Clan is a quick, simple to learn, and elegant area-control game that’s makes a lot happen with a limited variety of cards. The artwork is moody, yet strikingly beautiful. There’s no word on what the pledge levels will be yet, so I can’t comment much on the price. As my copy is a prototype I also can’t comment on the quality of the game any further than its artwork.

A copy of Night Clan will run you around a $14 pledge. For that price it shouldn’t be passed up.

A prototype copy of Night Clan was provided free for preview by Gamphilia

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