New Dawns for Paizo – Fire Starters and Pathfinder 2.0

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The last two weeks have been big for both Starfinder and Pathfinder: Paizo launched the first module (Fire Starters) of the Starfinder Dawn of Flame Adventure Path and Pathfinder Second Edition was unveiled.

Pathfinder Second Edition’s August 1, 2019, launch date brings a slew of titles, including the Core Rulebook (Hardcover $59.99 and Deluxe Hardcover $79.99), Bestiary ($49.99/69.99), Lost Omens World Guide ($36.99), The Fall of Plaguestone ($24.99), and the first of the new-six volume Age of Ashes Pathfinder Adventure Path: Hellknight Hill ($24.99). It also presents the all-new Pathfinder Flip-Mat: The Fall of Plaguestone ($14.99), Character Sheet Pack ($14.99), GM Screen ($19.99), Combat Pad ($24.99), and Condition Card Deck ($22.99) Pathfinder accessories. A full description of all Pathfinder Second Edition launch products can be found at Paizo is expected to reveal the September lineup in a few weeks, so take a look then for updates.

Zeylan Trinipol, leader of the paramilitary Sunrise Collective

For Starfinder, Adventure Path #13: Fire Starters (Dawn of Flame 1 of 6) (Print $22.99, .PDF $15.99) was released on February 27, 2019. This 64-page module begins a six-part tale of fire and intrigue geared for 1st-level characters.

A magical portal to the Plane of Fire disappears into the sun just after something exits it for the first time in recorded history. An overwhelming telepathic burst from within the star quickly follows, and a scientist recruits the heroes to help her find out what’s going on. The mission takes the heroes to a lashunta enclave called Asanatown in the Burning Archipelago, a bubble-city in the sun’s atmosphere, to meet with another scientist who can help. Before that meeting can happen, however, the psychic disturbance leads radicals among the telepathically sensitive lashuntas to take matters into their own hands, closing Asanatown off from the rest of the sun-based city. Trapped, the heroes must rescue their contact and return power to the proper authorities to escape!

Paizo is great at dishing out quality 1st-level adventures for Starfinder. This is yet another option for a new beginning for any adventure party. Taking the adventure to the Pact World’s sun, Mataras, this module contains everything a gamemaster needs to get the party started (pun intended) along this solar adventure path. One thing Paizo has proven that they do well is building adventure paths in block modules that follow a linear, clear, and chronological storyline. Interspersed between lore and rich story-building, each module contains maps, NPCs, creatures, and stat blocks as you proceed through the adventure. Although, Fire Starters does make reference, here or there, to the Starfinder core book set (typical for generally all tabletop RPGs), there is little need to stray from this module.

the sun burning archipelago entrance dawnshore

Dawn of Flame’s atypical setting will bring your player characters into contact with some unusual beings. Creatures, born of fire and flame, like the fire whale (yes, literally, a whale swimming in fire), the rifti protean and the efreeti genie. The CR 16 fire whale is a titanic native of the Plane of Fire. “[F]ire whales can be found swimming in the atmosphere of Material Plane stars or in space searching for food, from biological matter to inorganic material such as Tiny starships. Their innards refine this fodder into metals and gems. Deceased fire whales can be refitted and used as frames for Small starships.” This is just one example of what makes this adventure path so exciting, its refreshingly unique and creative setting opens the door (or portal) to some outside-of-the-box encounters.

Fire Starters’ interior covers also includes what has become standard with Paizo Starfinder adventure path modules, specs for a starship. The starship detailed in Fire Starters is the Aurora Yellow Dwarf, a Tier 3 Medium explorer vessel common to the Serenite Dawn Patrol’s navy. “Most Yellow Dwarfs lack a Drift engine, but each crew’s tour of duty can last for several months, and so the ship has comfortable crew quarters and a galley.”

Fire Starters is geared for player characters level 1 to 2. The module begins with the opening of a sun portal and the emergence of a fire whale and ends with a daring rescue and a military coup. Your party will explore new and exciting locations like Far Station, the Burning Archipelago (a bubble-city in the sun’s atmosphere), and Asanatown, a lashunta enclave. Aside from 64 pages of detailed content, Fire Starters also contains countless color illustrations that help to bring this stellar world to life. What at first seems almost too outlandish and far-fetched to be enjoyable, quickly settles in to become an intriguing and engaging experience. If the remaining five modules follow suit, Dawn of Flame will undoubtedly be entertaining.

The last few weeks have been big for Paizo. Aside from the announcement of Pathfinder Second Edition and the launch of Dawn of Flame, Paizo also unboxed their soon to be released Starfinder Beginner Box. A lot of exciting content pouring from Paizo these days. I say, keep it up.

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