MYnd Kraft Preview

MYnd Kraft PreviewDesigners: Tharini Rajamohan
Publisher: Self-Published
Year: 2018
Minimum Pledge: $20
Players: 2-7
Play Time: 15-45 min
Ages: 7+
Rules Available Online: No
BGG: MYnd Kraft

Just hitting Kickstarter now, MYnd Kraft is a collection 7 different games used to help teach basic programming fundamentals to kids using just 2 decks of cards, Actions, and Numbers. The games included in the box are as follows (as written by the designer)

  • EZY CODR: Provides a gentle introduction to the underlying programming concepts introduced by Action Cards with each player, in turn, getting a chance to solve Action Cards and score points.
  • SPEEDY MONSTR: A fast-paced game where players compete simultaneously (instead of in turn) to solve Action Cards and score points.
  • MEMRY FLIPOTHON: A game that challenges memory skills as Action Cards are revealed one at a time and players have to remember their location in order to solve them and score points.
  • DECODE: A game that challenges players to consider different permutations when solving Action Cards in order to score the highest points.
  • CODR POKR MATCH: A challenging game where players apply ‘game theory’ when wagering with the objective of winning as much as possible one pot at a time – similar to a game of poker.
  • CODR LEAGUE: A strategic, partnership game where players work in teams of two to solve as many Action Cards as possible and score points
  • COBBLE THE CODE: A strategic, tile placement game similar to Scrabble.

MYnd Kraft Preview - ComponentsThe basics of each game revolve around being able to solve Action Cards with Number Cards from your hand. A certain Action may require a solution of blue and green Number cards whose value is less than 4. Another might require an array of cards, or will show a Switch Statement requiring only one of the several listed requirements to be met. At its core, the mechanics are very simple, but the way the Action Cards are used in the different games provide a varying level of difficulty and thought.

EZY CODR, SPEEDY MONSTR, and MEMRY FLIPOTHON are the easiest of the 7 games provided in MYnd Kraft and are essentially all the same with the exception of how Action Cards are presented. DECODE and CODR POKR MATCH provide more of a challenge while CODR LEAGUE and COBBLE THE CODE provide a more in-depth experience that combines everything the players have learned in the previous games.

MYnd Kraft is simple, and the mechanics play very similar to some mass market games out there, but it’s meant to be. By using mechanics many players are familiar with it easily introduces the early concepts of programming to its audience is a fun and digestible manner. My distilling concepts such as conditionals, arrays, data structures, and loops down to their most basic elements I’d say that kids wouldn’t even realize they’re learning an important life skill at first. With how important an understanding of programming has become these days, MYnd Kraft is an excellent way to knock home some core concepts at an early age.

A prototype copy of MYnd Kraft was provided free for this preview in adherence to A Pawn’s Perspective’s 2018 Preview Policy



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