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The logic game MYnd Kraft has gone free to print-and-play for those stuck at home looking for a set of games that are both fun and educational. Having previously reviewed the game, I think it’s a great opportunity for those with children to snag this up and make your own copy.

All you need to do to get your free copy if head over to the MYnd Kraft website and sign up at the bottom to get your free print-and-play files. The game’s designer had this to say with the release”

“As an increasing number of parents and children are spending time at home due to self-isolation, in support of this, I’ve decided to make MYnd Kraft available as a free print and play game so that parents and children can spend more time together over a game of cards and also, so that children can learn in the process…

…The only cost to them would be that associated with printing the game at home. I’m not looking to make money on this and I currently neither sell nor make any money on this game in anyway. It’s absolutely free and something I’ve decided to do to support families who are self isolating at home and are trying to find new and creative things to do together.”

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