Micro Review – Moop’s Monster Mashup

Moop's Monster Mashup


Ever feel like you need an Owligator or Kangarooster in your game of Munchkin? How about a Beaver Cleaver or the ability to strip your opponents Bear Naked. Moop’s Monster Mashup has you covered in one of the craziest Munchkins yet.


The sole reason this is a Micro Review and not a standard review is that Moop’s Monster Mashup is just Munchkin with a bit of a different theme and different art. It’s a stand-alone set, so you don’t need any other Munchkin products to play, but like all other Munchkin games it can be combined with other sets to make an even crazier game.

Kick down the door. Kill the monsters. Backstab your friends.

First to Level 10 wins.


I really like Ian McGinty’s art in Moop’s Monster Mashup. It’s a bit more cartoony, colorful, and pops right of the cards. The style certainly fits to zany nature of the theme. There’s not much more to say about it. Other than the artwork, it’s a standard Munchkin game with your standard Munchkin quality.


My kids are Munchkin fanatics, especially my 11-year-old-son. It’s the only reason I started playing Munchkin once again after years moving on from the game. Seriously, though, it’s a blast playing it with them. We’ve got the Deluxe version at home with a handful of the numbered expansions and Adventure Time Munchkin. While Adventure Time is still my favorite set so far, Moop’s comes in a very close second. Just the sheer insanity of some of the cards and their names was enough to make me laugh at out on several occasions.

If you don’t already have Munchkin and aren’t in the mood for a licensed theme, Moop’s is probably the set you should get. It’s a step up from the “classic” Munchkin in terms of wacky cards and artwork. There’s not a Deluxe version, so you won’t get a board. That’s about the only downside I can see to this set.

A of Moop’s Monster Madness was provided for free by Steve Jackson Games.

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