Micro Review – King of Tokyo: Power Up & Cthulhu Monster Pack

My kids and I are longtime fans of King of Tokyo, though it had fallen out of play rotation a while ago. That all changed with the 2016 re-release of the game. Not only have we been playing again, but IELLO sent over the Power Up! expansion of the new edition along with the Cthulhu Monster Pack. Power Up! is the game as it has always been, just update for the new edition’s art and card backs. Cthulhu, on the other hand, comes with its namesake monster, Power Up! evolution cards for both King of Tokyo and King of New York, and supporting tokens.

Those who have played Power Up! before know what to expect from the expansion. Each monster gets a set of evolution cards that can be activated at random when 3 hearts are rolled. Evolution cards can have permanent or temporary effects on the the game. It also comes with a giant panda. That’s pretty much worth the entire purchase right there. What’s nice is that the cards really don’t change the game so much where it doesn’t feel like King of Tokyo anymore. They’re well balanced and fit right in with the game.

The Cthulhu Monster Pack adds Cthulhu to the game, as well as his evolution cards, madness tokens, and Cultists. Really the only new rule here is that if the Cthulhu player rolls 4-of-a-kind they can add a Cultist Token to the table. At any time the Cultist can be discarded to earn a health, energy, or re-roll a die. Cultists have an added effect in King of New York, but I don’t have that game so I just skimmed past that in the rules.

Power Up! is certainly a “must have” for King of Tokyo. Cthulhu is a nice touch if you want extra monsters, or are a Lovecraft fan.

Copies of King of Tokyo: Power Up! and the Cthulhu Monster Pack were provided free for review by IELLO.

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