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Barnyard Battle


KidRealm recently released a new stand-alone game called Barnyard Battle. Basically, it’s a re-theme of Castle Combat using barnyard animals and wrapped in a retail-friendly package. I got the game in the mail a week or so ago and finally had a chance to sit down and play with my home’s reigning Castle Combat champ, my 6-year-old.


Like I stated earlier, the game is just a re-theme of Castle Combat. You can checkout my previous review to get the basics of gameplay. The one major difference here is that, because it’s a stand-alone game, each player gets a randomly built deck with equal red, blue, and white ribbon cards. This makes sure each player has a fairly balanced deck to play against each other.


Barnyard Battle was made for retail and is packaged a bit better than Castle Combat because of this. It comes in a resealable blister pack that’s pretty sturdy. The card quality is the same as other KidRealm titles, and the layout and artwork follow the more modern, much nicer, look.

What’s really nice in this game is the custom dice. Each plastic die is engraved with a custom icon for the 6 side, one with a rooster and the other with a pig.


The game is just as enjoyable with my 6-year-old as Castle Combat is. That being said both of our preferences lie with the theme and collectibility of Castle Combat. The ability to create decks from your own store of cards makes for a much more in-depth experience. Barnyard Battle has the advantage of not being collectible which seems like it would be more approachable to a family coming across it on a store shelf.

Barnyard Battle was provided free for review by KidRealm

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