Mega Man Pixel Tactics Review

Mega Man Pixel Tactics Review - CoverDesigners: D. Brad Talton, Jr.
Publisher: Jasco Games, Level 99 Games
Year: 2017
MSRP: $20
Players: 2
Play Time:  20-45 min
Ages: 10+
Rules Available Online: Yes
BGG: Mega Man Pixel Tactics: Mega Man Blue


Pixel Tactics, first introduced in the Level 99 Games Minigame Library, and its many expansions have been around since 2012 and are well loved by many in the gaming community. Jasco Games, having the Mega Man license since they’re horrible Mega Man Board Game, teamed up with Level 99 to launch a highly successful Kickstarter for a Mega Man themed version of Pixel Tactics. Available in 3 different versions: Mega Man Blue, Proto Man Red, and Bass Orange, the game plays out exactly as you’d expect except with your favorite Blue Bomber, Friends, and Villains/Robot Masters.

Mega Man Review Tactics Review - Boxes


Mega Man Pixel Tactics plays exactly like any other version of Pixel Tactics and can be combined with any and all of the previous Pixel Tactics releases. For those who might not be familiar with the game, or need a refresher, see the video below.


Mega Man Pixel Tactics does the Mega Man license proud with faithful 8-bit reproductions of all the characters, each box containing 28 from Mega Man’s long history:

Mega Man Blue: Characters from Mega Man 1 – 3
Proto Man Red: Characters from Mega Man 4 -6
Bass Orange: Two copies of all the unlocked stretch goals from the Kickstarter Campaign, including Bass and Treble


Mega Man Pixel Tactics was actually my first foray into the world of Pixel Tactics and I was delighted to finally get a chance to give the game a play. The ability for any character to be a leader adds all sorts of flexibility to a player’s individual style. Add in how each hero acts differently depending on which row they’re in and you’ve got countless possibilities from a very small deck.

The Mega Man theme seems to fit very well with the game and each character has powers that really feel like they’re video game counterparts. After a few plays, I’m already itching to get the Red and Orange sets to flesh out my character roster with some of my favorites. Really the only problem I have with the game is the small cardboard counters that come with it. They’re pretty much impossible to work with and really easy to lose.

Fans of Pixel Tactics would certainly enjoy adding these characters to their existing cards, while Mega Man fans can rejoice that they finally have a tabletop game worthy of the IP. The game is certainly worth the MSRP of $20, but it’s an even better deal at around $12, which is the price you can find the game pretty much anywhere online.

A copy of Mega Man Pixel Tactics: Mega Man Blue was provided free for review by Jasco Games

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