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Mechanisms is a game of mechanisms.

Surprise! You probably couldn’t tell by the title, so designers Daniel Zayas and Derek Funkhouser lay it out for you in plain English right from the start.

I kid. (kinda)

Mechanisms is a party game for gamers where players try to use a set of components to get the other players to guess 2 of their 3 Mechanism Cards. All your favorites are here: deck building, worker placement, area control, etc…

Mechanisms Preview - Cards
This image is blatantly stolen from Daniel Zayas off the Mechanisms BGG page.

Mechanisms is a party game that gamers can love. Its greatness comes not from the mechanics, but from the meta. The fun of gamers poking fun at themselves. At seeing who is the most gamer in a group of gamers. Not in a bragging way, but in a silly way. A way that a lot of gamers in the community already know and understand.

That’s what it’s all about. Those of you who are active in the Facebook board game communities most likely know the names, Daniel Zayas and Derek Funkhouser. This game seems tailored to that community. That’s not to say that gamers who don’t partake in the social media community won’t enjoy this game, though. Anyone who plays a ton of games will get a kick outta this. Non-gamers? Not so much. Mechanisms doesn’t hide from this fact. It knows who it’s made for and caters to that audience well.

Mechanisms is available to back on Kickstarter now! Do it!

“I played it with my kids and they had no idea what was going on.” – Quote provided for me by Daniel and Derek after hearing that I played it with my kids and they had no idea what was going on.

A print-and-play of Mechanisms was provided for this preview.


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