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Mechanica Preview - Box

Tidybots are the way of the future! They help us with all our cleanliness needs, are super cute, and thirst for revolution! Mechanica is an upcoming game from Resonym where players compete for wealth by creating the most efficient, outlandish factories for building, upgrading, and shipping Tidybots. This is done by purchasing more fabricators, factory line enhancements, and larger shipping trucks.

The rules of the game are simple. Fabricators generate basic Tidybots and they move from one hole to the next in their line on each player’s Factory Boards. Players can sell Tidybots that are ready to ship for profit, which can be used to purchase upgrades to their factory. Some upgrades like Fabricators allow players to generate more Tidybots per turn. Others, like larger trucks, allow players to handle a greater load of finished Tidybots. The real meat of the game, however, comes from factory line Enhancements. These take your basic Tidybot and do things like upgrade it to a better model, duplicate it, gift wrap it, and more.

Mechanica Preview - Factory Board
If only life ran so smoothly! Tidybots can help!

Of course the more complicated your factory, the more time it will take for Tidybots to make their way to the unwashed masses, though each unit may reap better rewards. Players can also opt to complete available Blueprints with finished Tidybots instead of shipping them. This nets them much more money, but it’s banked and can only be used for scoring at the end of the game.

The coolest part of Mechanica is how all these upgrades are handled. First off, each is a puzzle pieces that can be connected to other upgrades on your Factory Board. This keeps things nice and tidy, just like Tidybots! Next is the Factory Wheel. You see, Mechanica’s box is part of the game. Each turn the Factory Wheel is rotated and a new Enhancement is added to it. Older pieces become cheaper and cheaper until they eventually fall into the recycling bin and turned into more Tidybots.

Mechanica Preview - Factory Wheel
So efficient!

Mechanica combines simple rules, clever logic, and a unique gimmick to provide a lot of fun in a tidy package. With all the different enhancements there are tons of different factory configurations to try to optimize and expedite the end tiding of the world!

Mechancia launches on Kickstarter on February 6, 2019. I’ll make sure to update the article with a link once it does. Resonym never dissapoints with their thought provoking games, and they’re not about to start now.

Mehanica Preview - Evil bot

A prototype copy of Mechanica was provided free or preview by Resonym

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