Maximum Apocalypse Hits Retail in November 2017

Maximum Apocalypse is finally coming to retail in November after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign from Rock Manor Games. The game has up to 6 players trying to survive 4 different post-apocalyptic scenarios involving Aliens, Zombies, Robots, and nuclear devastation. Together players work together using unique character powers to complete varied scenarios involving one, or multiple enemy threats.

The game will hit shelves with an MSRP of $49.

Arriving the same time as Maximum Apocalypse is its first expansion, Kaiju Rising. The $15 expansion includes two new playable characters, the Army Ranger, and Scientist. It also adds a new 30 card apocalypse deck featuring monsters of epic proportions.


I had a chance to run through a demo scenario of the base game at Boston FIG this year and really liked what I saw. I’m hoping to get a chance to do a full review soon once the game is available.

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