Making Games Just Got Easier with The Game Crafter’s Component.Studio

The Game Crafter has just launched a new service called Component.Studio to help automate designing game components. The tool, which costs $9.99 a month to use, let’s you easily create tiles, chits, cards, etc… in bulk from CSV files, uploaded images, and even images hosted in IMGUR, Google Drive, and Dropbox. The best part? It’s all visual. Changes you make are instantly reflected in the preview and are spread across all items you’re working on, not just one at a time.

Sounds good? It gets even better.

Use the coupon code firstk when you sign up to get the service for only $4.99. Forever.

Of course they’ve got other plans to choose from, but they’re not very appealing at all.

Screen Shot 2017 08 03 at 8.59.23 AM
I don’t know…the Super Premo Plan *is* kind of nice
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