Magnets: The Game Preview

Magnets The Game Preview - CoverDesigners: Jeff Lyon, Isaac Zal
Publisher: Self Published
Year: 2014 (Original Run)
Minimum Pledge: $20 (Estimate)
Players: 1-6
Play Time: 15 min
Ages: 14+
Rules Available OnlineYes
BGG: Magnets: The Game

Magnets: The Game, originally released in 2014, will be hitting Kickstarter soon to fund a new edition of the game. The campaign is expected to launch in April with an estimated fulfillment in October. Jeff Lyon, one of the game’s designers, shot me over a copy of the first edition of Magnets to see how my family and I would like it.

We like it.

Magnets is a very simple game to play. The game contains an adjustable ring and a big stack of circular magnets. Each player gets a stack of 5 magnets while the rest are scattered in the ring. Each player then takes turns chucking magnets into the ring trying to connect and take stacks of 4 or, often with large chain reactions occurring. The player with the most magnets when there are only 3 or fewer magnets left to collect is the winner.

Of course, those are just the basic rules. Magnets: The Game comes with several rules variations, including an Equality variation that has players who run out of magnets taking half of whoever has the most, that add a little bit more depth to the game. In the end, Magnets is still a very simple game, extremely portable, and tons of fun. I’m already starting to lose count of the number of times the game has been played in our household. It seems the kids always have it out, and we’ve taken it to several different functions already since its tin is so easy to toss in a bag and carry around.

I have to admit that we rarely worry about who wins or loses the game. The real fun comes from tossing the magnets and seeing how large of a reaction you can set off. Sometimes it’s satisfying to get a solid click between two magnets, but it’s really all about getting a stack rolling and picking up more and more magnets as it moves.

Magnets The Game Preview - Components
There’s a lot of fun in that small tin

Magnets: The Game touts itself as “marbles of the 21st century” and it’s pretty fitting. There’s certainly a marbles-like feel the game in its simplicity and the sheer satisfaction of play. It’s certainly a great family game, though you do need to be careful with little ones putting the magnets in their mouth. There’s plenty of warnings on the packaging about that, as magnets can wreak havoc in a person’s body.

As stated earlier, Magnets should be hitting Kickstarter around April. If you’re looking for a good family game, pub game, or travel game, you can’t go wrong backing the game. The best part about the game is that you pretty much know what you’re getting into right from the start. It’s a light dexterity game with magnets, and that’s perfectly awesome.

A copy of Magnets: The Game was provided free for this preview in adherence to A Pawn’s Perspective’s 2018 Preview Policy.

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