Mageling Kickstarter

Mageling is a “dice-activation” game being Kickstarted by Familiar Games that promises to bring the feel of a deckbuilding game without card shuffling or sorting. Dice are used for obtaining and activating cards throughout the game as players race to cure the Evertree of a horrible curse that was put upon it. The game handles 1-4 players and can be played cooperatively and competitively.

Mageling looks wonderful from what art they’ve posted up on the project. It also looks like it’ll fund if their current momentum holds. $10 will get you a print-and-play if that happens, while $27 will get you a physical copy of the game. The five levels of stretch goals are for promo cards, and these will be included with any physical reward level.

You can check out a run through of the game from Radho Runs Through below:

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